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Thomas Looser

Associate Professor of East Asian Studies ; Director of Graduate Studies

Ph.D. (Anthropology), Chicago.

Office Address: 

19 University Pl, 516





Areas of Research/Interest: 

Cultural Anthropology and Japanese Studies; Critical Theory; New Media Studies and Animation; Mass Culture; Architecture and Urban Form

Select Publications
"The Global University, Area Studies, and the World Citizen: Neoliberal Geography's Redistribution of the 'World.'" in Cultural Anthropology Vol. 27 No.1, Feb. 2012.
“Gothic Politics,” in Mechademia 4, University of Minnesota Press, 2009.
“Tokyo Towers: Animation, Architecture, and Global Capital” (in Portuguese), in Tokyogaqui um Japào imaginado SESCSP publications, Sao Paolo, Brazil. October, 2008.
Visioning Eternity: Aesthetics, Politics, and History in the Early Modern Noh Theater (Ithaca: Cornell University East Asia Book Series).  July, 2008.
“Oshii: Animation, Desire, and War,” in Shingenjitsu (in Japanese), Tokyo, April 2007.
“Superflat and the Layers of Image and History in the 21st Century,” in the inaugural issue of Mechademia (Journal of the Critical Image), U. of Minnesota Press, Fall 2006.
“Postcities: Transfigurations in the Architecture of Globality,” Chapter in a vol­ume on globalization and cities (in Japanese), Rikkyo University, Tokyo, 2005.
“Globality, and Japan’s Somewhere Else,” in the Proceedings of the Association of Japanese Liter­ary Studies, Vol. 11, October 2002.
“From Edogawa to Miyazaki: Cinematic and Anime-ic Architectures of Early and Late Mod­ern Japan.”In special issue of Japan Forum (14:2), London: Routledge, Spring 2002.
"Cosmopolitanism and Japan" in the Journal of Pacific Asia, vol. 7. Tokyo: Committee for Research on Pacific Asia (Rikkyo University), 2001.
"Locating Tokugawa Power; The Place of the Nô in Early Modern Japan." In Productions of Culture in Japan, University of Chicago East Asian Occasional Papers, No. 10. 1995.
Shiba, Kôkan. Translation of Seiyoga Dan ("Discussion on Western Painting"), University of Chicago East Asian Occasional Papers, No. 9, 1994.
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